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What challenges or opportunities face you right now? What do you want to do about them? How? By when?

Coaching can move you to action and help you define and realize your goals.

You set the agenda. The coaching relationship is entirely focused on you. Coaching is a tool that can help you to be the very best you can be. Your coach is a sounding board for your plans and ideas.

Your coach can help you to:

  • evaluate choices, weighing them against your values and needs

  • create a plan of action

  • make a commitment

  • evaluate the results

  • stay on track

Coaching is as unique as you are. You might choose coaching to:

  • decide on career choices

  • identify skills to develop

  • create a more balanced life

  • develop a healthier lifestyle

  • understand your relationships

  • learn more about yourself

  • identify patterns that hold you back

  • get support and encouragement

Typical Coaching Routine

  •  Discovery Session

    Questionnaire followed by one-hour interview

    • One-hour initial session with questionnaire

    • Define the relationship

    • Set/review your current goals

    • Set logistical arrangements

  • Weekly worksheet

    • Sent to coach before phone call

    • Update on progress, events, current needs

  • Weekly phone call

    • Coach listens, asks questions, provides feedback

    • Inquiry Questions

    • Intermediate Goals

  • E-mail between sessions, if desired

Try it. Contact me to set up a free 45-minute sample coaching session. info@exnerassociates.com