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Juggling Life & Work

Do you feel like a juggler with a lot of balls up in the air? Our lives are full of competing demands. Those who claim you can “balance” them all probably spend most of their time on a deserted island.

This informative and entertaining presentation will help you become a better juggler of life’s tasks and make sure that the things you value most are in your juggling mix.

This topic is available as a 45-minute to 1-hour speech as well as 2-hour, half and full day interactive workshops.


About Debra Exner


Debra Exner is a speaker, workshop leader, business and personal coach. She is a candidate member of the National Speakers Association and is trained and certified by the Coaches Training Institute and the International Coach Federation.

As a coach, she has practical experience with all types of individuals and sees first-hand what they are juggling and the things that get in their way. She guides her clients in making changes so that they can be happy, satisfied and effective in their work and lives. Her experience in coaching enriches her ability to present useful real-life information from the platform.

Debra started Exner & Associates in 1983, providing training, documentation and consulting services to corporations. She has been a speaker at national, regional, and local conferences, is an active leader in professional and community organizations, a cancer patient advocate and she plays bass with the Musica Nova Orchestra. She has lots to juggle!


Comments from participants

"Great Information! Thought provoking!"

"You keep the discussion moving with thought provoking questions and promote a non-threatening and collaborative atmosphere where we can receive help from other participants."


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