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Corporate Personal Development Program

Want to be ‘in control’ and focused amidst uncertainty and change? Reaching goals while confidently handling challenges? Specific habits of the mindset have been scientifically proven to drive success-personally & professionally. These compelling data come from the field of Positive and Peak Performance Psychology, which support that a positive mindset allows us to thrive and achieve the results we want while remaining resilient in the face of inevitable challenges. mPWR10 is the result of extensive analysis of this evidence summarized into a short, powerful program featuring the 6 consistently-proven highly effective habits. Uniquely, with mPWR10 you become your own best self-coach and create sustained behavioral change. By spending 10 minutes a day, you take your results to another level.

Benefits of mPWR10:

  • Enhanced resilience and overall outlook
  • Improved preparation and confidence before key events
  • More proactive and focused on key priorities
  • Bounce back quickly following changes or challenges
  • Accelerate goal achievement


Corporate Personal Development Program


mPWR10 is a real game changer. It gives you a way to focus on what you want to accomplish and take 10 minutes a day to make it a reality.”


To find out more about this Personal and Professional Development Program, download our mPWR10 Brochure