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Patient Not Passive


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Patient Not Passive: How to Work as a
Team with Your Medical Professionals

Most of us are not prepared for a diagnosis of cancer. The myriad of decisions to be made is mind boggling!  Good information is key. But how do you develop the skills you need to get that information -- and in a hurry? In this workshop, Debbie Exner and Maddie Hunter will shine a light on the health advantages that result from assertive action. 

Participants will explore tips and techniques for empowered speaking and acting and will practice possible responses to specific situations they may be experiencing. These tips will help them to enrich their relationships with medical professionals, family and friends. Other topics can include learning about your illness, making decisions and effective self-care. Attendees will coach each other into moving away from overwhelm and taking an active role in their care and quality of life. Adopting more active and fulfilling roles will increase feelings of well-being and foster hope for the future. 

Coaching Yourself Through Cancer

Cancer can be a wake-up call to live and act differently; to live with hope, appreciation and purpose.  In this interactive workshop, Maddie Hunter and Debbie Exner will offer tools from their work in life coaching that can be applied to any aspect of the cancer journey.  Eight healing strategies will be explored.

Maddie will draw upon her own personal experience of being a cancer patient and caregiver to her father and Debbie as caregiver to her mother as a way to encourage others to share their own wisdom. Participants will learn proven techniques for creating a stronger sense of well-being while living with cancer.  All will leave the experience with ideas for action.


About Debra Exner


Debra Exner is a speaker, workshop leader, business and personal coach. She is a professional member and board member of the National Speakers Association, is trained and certified by the Coaches Training Institute and the International Coach Federation (ICF) and is past-president of the Phoenix ICF chapter.

Debbie Exner’s mother Edamay was diagnosed with multiple myeloma in 1998 and together they joined the support group that became the Philadelphia Multiple Myeloma Networking Group (PMMNG). Debbie served as co-leader of PMMNG until she moved to Phoenix in 2005.

Because of her experiences with the myeloma community, Debbie hired a coach to re-evaluate her life and work, identify priorities and shift into work that made more of an impact on the lives of others. As a result, she became a certified coach and Maddie Hunter found Debbie’s listing on a coaching directory website! Maddie attended PMMNG, and succeeded Debbie as co-leader. Despite geographic distance they find ways to collaborate as well as working independently!

Debbie lives with her husband in Phoenix, AZ, and has two grown sons living in New Jersey and Hong Kong. She is also a bassist with the Musica Nova Orchestra.

Contact Info:
Phone:  602-298-1129
E-mail: info@exnerassociates.com


About Maddie Hunter

In 2003, Maddie joined the Philadelphia MM Networking group and soon after began partnering with Debbie Exner, Marilyn Alexander and a Steering Committee of 15 people to lead the group.  Being a part of this compassionate and informed community has been a big part of healing for many members. 

Maddie founded Hunter Unlimited, Inc., a leadership, business and personal development consulting practice based in New Jersey. Her current clients include many Fortune 100 companies.  Maddie has a diverse background as an elementary-school teacher, Assistant Superintendent of Schools, engineer, employee counselor, human resource manager and team effectiveness consultant.  

Maddie obtained a BA in Child Psychology from Connecticut College.  She also earned a MA in Organizational Studies from New York University and is a certified Gestalt therapist. Maddie’s belief in the importance of building skills in self-discovery through writing has led her to coach in the Writer’s Room, a middle-school writing program for children in her local community. 

Maddie shares her life with  her 16-year-old son Will, and life partner Ames Nelson and lives in Metuchen NJ. She is a long-time journal keeper and enjoys creative writing with a women’s writing circle, Writers of Metuchen.   

Contact Info:
Phone:  732-549-7981 
E-mail: Maddie@HunterUnlimited.com